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About Us

Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.

Charles de Gaulle

Our Purpose

Political science is known as ‘master discipline’. A discipline to be studied by ‘masters’, and the field which is more important than all other.

Surprisingly, despite having glorious tradition of DHARMASHASTRAS, DANDASHASTRAS, MANUSMRITI, ARTHASHASTRA etc. and tradition of REPUBLICS in ancient India, the picture today is quite unfortunate. There is lack of enthusiasm for the subject. Many talented students, after 10+2 choose disciplines like Engineering or Medical than humanities. Thus despite large pool of talent, at present India has very little to offer in the fields like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology etc. The studies in these fields are largely dominated by Western scholars.

We intend to change this picture. Or at least begin the efforts.

Our Approach.

At present we are focusing on providing comprehensive notes of Political Science for UPSC students. The traditional learning method is somewhat outdated in present circumstances. There is a need for more active learning.

We intend provide study material which is both comprehensive as well as interesting. We intend to link static theory with current affairs and offer an academic perspective. Add historical references, many examples and perspectives, videos, images, flowcharts etc. to notes. And we also intend to encourage active debate and offer a discussion forum for Political Science students.

In long term, we will be creating a complete platform for Political Science. Not just UPSC-CSE notes, but also BA, MA notes.

This is an ongoing project. So any corrections, suggestions, requests are welcome. It may take us some time, but we will try our best to deliver. For any communication, please mail us at [email protected]