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    Latest PSIR 2B Articles on various topics to cover current affairs.

    1. 24 Articles on various topics to cover India’s relations with various countries
    2. Articles arranged according to UPSC Syllabus for better organization
    3. A simple and academic language for better clarity and understanding
    4. Reasonable price for quality content
    5. Download sample content
  • 8,999.00

    Salient Features

    1. Total 10 Full Length Tests (8 Sectional + 2 Mock)
    2. Paper Checking Only in 5 Days
    3. Model Answers along with Evaluated Copy
    4. Scoring Matrix for Self Evaluation
    5. Up-to 30% Cashback on Timely Completion
    6. 50% Cashback for Top 3 Students
    7. Questions Strictly Based on PYQs
    8. Available only in Online Mode
    9. Download Schedule and Brochure.


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