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PSIR Test Series for Mains 2024 and 2025

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  • All the answers are checked by us line-by-line. The feedback given will be relevant, to the point and something you can implement. This will result in vast improvement in your answer writing within a short time.
  • You’ll have the same evaluator (Mr. Abhijeet Pimparkar) throughout test series. This ensures that the evaluator knows your writing level, past mistakes etc. and  thus guides you accordingly.
  • The copies will be evaluated only in 5 days.
  • You can write answers on QCAB (Answer Booklet) provided by us, or on blank A4 sheets with margins on both side, and send us for evaluation.
  • Because of all the above listed features, we accept limited no. of students only. Once the required registrations are complete, we will not be able to accept more students.

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