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  1. Anshuman Balsamant

    I have ordered the PSIR solved PYQs book from your website. I had a query regarding word limit. In a particular question the word limit has been mentioned as 250 words but the answer is of 450 words. Is this for explanatory purpose or we can exceed word limit in optional papers?

    • admin

      Hello Anshuman,
      Regarding your query. Actually, UPSC mentions a word limit only for the 10-mark questions i.e. 150 words. It is not defined for 15 and 20-mark questions.
      Regarding no. of pages you get for writing answers, you get 2 pages for 10 markers, 3 for 15 markers, and 4 pages for 20 mark questions.

      Regarding the extra words used in the book. That is for explanation purpose. In exam the limits as mentioned in the questions i.e. 250w for 20 markers, 200w for 15 markers and 150w for 10 markers should be sufficient.

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