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Frequently Asked Questions

How the purchase of Hard Copy books work?

The products are shipped immediately on the same/next day of order. Once shipped, you also get an email and SMS with shipment tracking link. The typical delivery time is 3-6 days depending on location. Most of our orders are shipped via Amazon Courier Services, so the delivery time is equivalent to Amazon’s delivery time.

How the purchase of eBooks work?

This website works like any other e-commerce website (like Amazon/Flipkart)

  1. 1st add the product to Cart/Basket
  2. Click on Checkout
  3. Make payment via UPI/Net Banking/Credit/Debit Card etc.
  4. Immediately on next screen you get to download the eBooks (PDFs)
  5. You also get an email with invoice and download links
  6. You are free to use the downloaded PDF on any device
  7. You can also print the downloaded PDF file

The video below illustrates the process of purchasing eBooks.

Can I print the eBooks at my end? Can I transfer them to other device?

Upon purchase of eBooks, you get downloadable PDF file as you can see in the sample PDF provided on that product page.

Yes, you can print this PDF at your end.

You can also transfer the PDF file to another device which can read PDF file format.

What is the difference between content on your website ( and notes available here?

The notes available for purchase are a bit of an enhanced version of what’s available on our website ( There are more images, graphs, and better presentations. You can see this yourself by downloading some sample material and comparing it with that on the website.

Download sample content – Ideology -> Liberalism
Download sample content – Indian Legislature
Download sample content – Realism

If you have any more queries, please post them in the comments below. We would be glad to answer them.

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