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Do I get hard copy of the book or just ebooks?

This is a frequently asked question. We on provide only soft copies (PDF files) at present. These, however can be downloaded multiple times (5 times maximum) in case you happen to loose them. And this facility is available for 364 days from the date of purchase.

To buy hard copy of our Previous Year Questions book, please visit Amazon -> PYQ book

The video below illustrates the process of purchasing ebooks.

Where can I get hard copy of your notes?

At present, our books are not available in hard copy format. We are likely to resume it after UPSC 2021 Mains.

What if I find some material incomplete?

We have tried our best to make the notes comprehensive. The notes cover the entire PSIR syllabus as mentioned in the UPSC syllabus copy. However, if you find any topic/subtopic missing from our notes (based on the UPSC syllabus and PYQs), you can just email us. And based on the merit of the request, we will make the article on the concerned subject matter available to everyone via email in a matter of 7 days.

What is the difference between content on your website ( and ebooks available here?

Our ebooks are a bit of an enhanced version of what’s available on our website ( There are more images, graphs, and better presentations. However, the content is almost the same. You can see this yourself by downloading some sample material and comparing it with that on the website.

Download sample content – Ideology -> Liberalism
Download sample content – Indian Legislature
Download sample content – Realism
India and UN peacekeeping
Download sample content – India – China relations

My payment was successful but my order is cancelled? What do I do?

Sometimes that can happen due to technical bug. But no worries. Just forward us an email with the order id and very soon we’ll resolve the issue. You can contact us at


  1. Deeptimai Arati

    I’ve ordered PYQs with model answers few days back but now when i’m checking it’s not there in my orders’ list. What do I do??

    • admin

      Hi Deeptimai,
      Looks like you used different email address while ordering the book. Can you please give me details regarding when did you order the book. Date & Time. I’ll look for your order details. You can also contact us on 7276213887 through call/WhatsApp for quick response.
      Abhijeet, Politics for India

  2. Gokul Krishna km

    When will hard copies of the psir Ebooks released? The mains 2021 is over, kindly bring hardcopy option in your website, as some like me would anytime prefer this than online reading. One more question, are the 2A and 2B of ebooks filled with scholars names or not?

  3. Aroori Saiteja

    Sir plz provide article regarding differnces between political theory,political ideology,political science,political philosophy..

  4. Dharmendra

    Dear admin,

    Could you please provide the e-notes in other formats such as word or Pub as the PDFs of sample seems little bit inaccessible with screen reader software sometime. Being a visually impaired aspirant, I can’t read printed materials but it is the best part that you provide materials in soft copy that can be read with assistive technology. But that little bit of barrier ‘inaccessibility’ can be resolved if you could provide me the contents in word or E-Pub format.
    Please let me know, if you could help me with this.

    • admin

      Hello Dharmendra.
      Thank you for contacting us. It’s encouraging to hear your desire to study. Regarding providing books in e-pub format, right now it’s difficult. We’ll have to re-edit the whole content from the beginning. Further, copyright management also becomes difficult in this format.
      The content on the website, however, is easily readable with text readers. Except for the presentation, the notes in pdf and the website are almost same. So you can make use of it.

  5. Suraj

    Hey.. could u tell me if it sufficient for upsc optional ?
    Also i observed in ur notes ,the idealistic part in IR theory is missing.. please reply asap ..

    • admin

      Idealistic is just another name used for the theory of liberalism in IR. So, it is part of syllabus.
      Regarding sufficiency, I can very well say that the notes are enough for 1A and 2A. For 1B & 2B, you also need to take help from current affairs.

  6. Karthik G R

    Hey,If I order All Your PSIR notes And 200 PYQ Course How Much It will Cost for me? And also will it be available in Only Soft copy Format? And also How to order all notes together to get some discount (As you told above)?

    • admin

      You just have to add all the products to cart. The discount will automatically become applicable. The final cost comes out to be ₹ 3204/-
      And yes, all of our content is only in ebook format. But you get PDF files & you are free to print at your end.

    • admin

      Just be conscious of the changes around. The problem comes in prioritizing which event to study and which not.. I would suggest 3 criteria.
      1] If the topic in discussion is directly part of syllabus?
      2] Have any similar question asked in the past?
      3] Is topic so important that UPSC may break the trend to ask the question on the topic?
      Further, also focus more on analytical perspective than mere facts. Read articles from exam viewpoint i.e. If I can quote/cite it in exam? This is the only criteria as long as PSIR study is concerned.
      Please also read our article on the topic of linking theory and current affairs.

  7. Rajat Singh

    Hey for all your content, pyq and 200 sloved question, how much will it cost me?
    And no of pages each book and in total also?

    • admin

      For PSIR notes, you will get 14 booklets in all
      1A – 4 booklets – total 278 pages
      1B – 3 booklets – total 141 pages
      2A – 3 booklets – total 184 pages
      2B – 4 booklets – total 158 pages
      Total – 761 pages.

      For PYQ book – 108 pages

      200 PYQ Course – 34 booklets
      Around 150 pages for Answers (17 PDFs)
      Around 450 pages of Question Papers (17 PDFs)

      You will get a 20% discount on the final price (no need for coupon code) when you order PSIR notes & 200 PYQ course. PYQ book will be a bonus (for free), which you shall receive after some time you place the order.

      The final cost is ₹ 3204

    • admin

      No. At present we provide only ebooks (PDF files). However you are free to print them (around 750 pages in total). PYQ book is available on You can order from there.

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