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  • Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹18,000.00.

    Salient Features

    1. One-to-one sessions throughout your UPSC journey
    2. Tailor-made program for UPSC Prelims, Mains & PSIR Optional
    3. Overall schedule till exam(s)
    4. Monthly time-table with mutual discussion
    5. Weekly & daily targets
    6. Weekly monitoring of targets
    7. Weekly one-to-one discussions
    8. Ad-hoc discussions/chat support for urgent doubts 
    9. Zoom call / audio call as per your preference

    Contact +91-727-621-3887  for queries.

  • UPSC Mains Mentorship Program 2024
    1. The overall strategy for Mains 2024
    2. Weekly one-to-one discussions till the exam date
    3. Rigorous weekly schedules
    4. Plenty of answer writing + essay writing + sectional and full length tests
    5. Follow-up of targets
    6. Sessions on all important aspects of UPSC Mains preparation

    Limited seats only

    Contact +91-7276213887  for queries

  • 8,400.00
    • All the answers are checked by us line-by-line. The feedback given will be relevant, to the point and something you can implement. This will result in vast improvement in your answer writing within a short time.
    • You’ll have the same evaluator (Mr. Abhijeet Pimparkar) throughout test series. This ensures that the evaluator knows your writing level, past mistakes etc. and  thus guides you accordingly.
    • The copies will be evaluated only in 5 days.
    • You can write answers on QCAB (Answer Booklet) provided by us, or on blank A4 sheets with margins on both side, and send us for evaluation.