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  • 9,000.00
    From the first session, the program is designed to give you clarity about UPSC Prelims. It will enhance your confidence. And with proper guidance, you’ll crack Pre. I can assure you of it.

    Salient Features

    1. One-to-one sessions on approaching UPSC Prelims
    2. Strategy to score 110+ in CSE Prelims
    3. Overall schedule till Prelims exam
    4. Monthly time-table with mutual discussion
    5. Weekly & daily targets
    6. Weekly monitoring of targets
    7. Weekly one-to-one discussions
    8. Session on how to get most out of prelims test series
    9. Ad-hoc discussions for urgent doubts
    10. Zoom call / audio call as per your preference

    100% money-back guarantee.

    Contact +91-727-621-3887  for queries.



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